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Occupational Health Nurse Education

The first ‘Industrial Nursing’ Course started in the UK in 1934 and became the ‘Occupational Health’ certificate course in 1948. In the early 1980’s further changes took place with courses being developed and were moved into Institutes of higher education.

Since that time education for OH nurses has grown and since 1994 has been undertaken as a post registration course in Universities, with students now qualifying with a minimum first level degree in Specialist Community Public Health Nursing (OH).

Further enhancement of the OH nursing profile was achieved in 2004 when the UK Nursing Statutory body, the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) placed all suitably qualified OH nurses onto a new third part of the Register of Nurses specifically for Registered Specialist Community Public Health Nurses.

There are other levels of education available for Nurses working in the speciality e.g. Certificate, Diploma. However, this level is intended to provide education to nurses, who for various reasons do not wish to undertake the full degree programme, or they act as a stepping-stone towards a degree programme.

Contact details and further information:
The Association of OH Nurse Educators UK (AOHNE) www.aohne.org.uk where information and the list of Universities in the UK offering courses for OH Nurses will be found.

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