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Occupational Health Nurse Education

The main legislative support for OHNs comes from the Health and Safety at work Law from 1995 and others such as Order SAS 1348/2009 from RD 450/2005 developing the formation of OHN  to the healthcare activities in prevention services.

OHN training in Spain has undergone important changes in recent years. Prior to 2010 OHN training was done through specific courses which they standardized for the new title of specialization by The Ministry of Education and Science.

At the present time it is a Higher Specialist training. After achieving a Nursing Degree (4 years university training) it is mandatory to pass a national-level exam (EIR) and choose one of the positions allowed by the Ministry of Health.

Following this, it will take 2 years of theoretical and practical training. (EIR  Occupational Health)

The two main sectors for OHNs to work are either within a company´s own Health and Safety at Work department, or within certain companies who provide these services to others.


The Memorandum on the Competencies of Occupational Health Nursing, may be read or downloaded from here.


For Further information:

 Asociación de especialistas en Enfermería del trabajo (AET). Association of Occupational Health Nurses. Spain.

AET Website


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