Partnership with EU-OSHA

The Healthy Workplaces Campaigns have been running since 2000. FOHNEU is pleased to be an official campaign partner to the Healthy Workplaces Campaigns.


Future Campaign

The 2020-22 campaign focuses on the prevention of work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).


Current Campaign

Healthy Workplaces Manages Dangerous Substances 2018-2019


Previous Campaigns

Healthy Workplaces for All Ages 2016-2017

Managing stress and psychosocial risks at work 2014-1015

Risk Prevention 2012-1013

Safe Maintenance 2010-2011

Risk Assessment 2008-2009

Lighten the Load 2007

Our sponsors

Warwick International
ConMed Advanced Surgical

Our partners

European Lung Foundation
Healthy Workplaces
European Agency for Safety and Health at work