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Call for nomination

Call for nomination

Call for nominations for the election of FOHNEU Officers for the triennium 2022-2025


The election for President and Treasurer spring 2022 – spring 2025 (a period of three year) will take place at the next spring FOHNEU Board Meeting in May 2022.

FOHNEU Board Members are asked to nominate candidates for these positions.

The names of the candidates shall be submitted to the Vice-President no later than February 28, 2022.

Each nomination has to be seconded by at least one other country. A Nomination for the post of Executive Officer must be officially approved by the National Association or Group of the Candidate. Candidatures have to be accompanied by the written agreement of the nominee that he/she is willing to serve if elected and a curriculum vitae.

For further information about election procedures, please visit the FOHNEU webpage:

FOHNEU Constitution

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Federation of Occupational Health Nurses within the European Union (FOHNEU)

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