This thesis was nominated for the title of best master thesis of the year..

This thesis was nominated for the title of best master thesis of the year..

Judith Fakkel's thesis was nominated for the title of best master thesis of the year for master advanced nursing practice students 2020. 5 thesis were nominated. It was the first time a thesis about occupational health nursing was nominated.


The role of the master advanced nursing practice in Workers Health surveillance.


Sustainable employability is a considerable issue. Occupational health is meant to preserve, recover and improve the health and sustainable employability of employees. Prevention is key in this process and is executed by means of Workers’ Health Surveillance (WHS), offering preventive health. The WHS guidance describes the duties of an Occupational Physician (OP). Recently also Nurse Practitioners (NP) were deployed in the field of occupational health in the Netherlands. Not much research has been done in the participation of the NP in occupational health. A NP could partly take over some tasks of the physician, including WHS. This research aims to get insight in the mind of national stakeholders about the possible role a NP could play in WHS.


During a qualitive study data was gathered by semi-structured interviews and a focus group interview which have been recorded and transcribed. For this representatives around the field of occupational health have been selected. The data of 14 stakeholders has been analysed thematically.


Resulting in three themes: 1) the role of the NP in WHS, 2) the influencing factors implementing the NP and 3) the added value of the NP in WHS. Stakeholders named a few competencies required to execute WHS, including the education and expertise of a NP in theme 1. For theme 2 also the shortage of OPs, quality of healthcare and possible collaboration with OPs were named as favours. Some obstacles are still the laws and regulations, the popularity of the NP and the missing vision and education using NPs for WHS. In theme 3 quality of health care and cost effectiveness were named as added value.


In conclusion national stakeholders agree the NP, with corresponding expertise will be able to play a role in WHS and adopt most tasks of the OP. The national stakeholders foresee an enrichment and quality improvement of WHS. Moreover, a NP reduces the workload of OPs and improves their multidisciplinary collaboration

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