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Call for hosting the 8th FOHNEU International Congress in 2024

Call for hosting the 8th FOHNEU International Congress in 2024

In 1993 the founders of FOHNEU recognized the importance of working with European colleagues to promote a safe and healthy work environment around Europe. The 1st FOHNEU Congress was launched in 1997 in Brussels, Belgium with the aim to highlight the work and research of Occupational Health Nurses and promote dissemination of the most recent research results within occupational health. Over the 25 past years FOHNEU has put great effort into, and been very successful at improving international cooperation between occupational health professionals.

Every three years, the FOHNEU Congress brings together clinicians and scientists from all parts of the world in the fields of occupational and environmental health.

The Executive Board of FOHNEU invites bids from member and observer groups/organizations to host the 8th FOHNEU International Congress in 2024.

General Requirements

  • Total planning involves 4 days:
  • 2 or 2,5 days of scientific program;
  • an opening ceremony; a welcome reception; a conference banquet; a closing ceremony; a minimum of 6 keynote presentations; parallel sessions of oral and poster presentations, exhibitors; and
  • one half days after to the closing ceremony day for FOHNEU Board meeting.

Congress Venue requirements

  • Lecture halls (including technical equipment) for 200 to 250 participants
    • 1 lecture hall for the main track and keynotes with a minimum capacity of 200 participants
    • 1-2 smaller lecture halls with a capacity ranging from 30 to 70 participants
  • Wireless internet access
  • Facilities for lunch and coffee breaks at the venue, close to the lecture halls

Proposals should include the following information

  • Details of the suggested dates for the Congress.
  • Information about the Congress Venue including
    • distance and accessibility of next international airports
    • public transport from city center to congress venue
    • floorplan of venue with indication of lecture halls, coffee and lunch break area
  • Information about the city and tourist attractions, social programmes
  • Accommodations for participants and public transport to the venue
  • Costs and pricing

The deadline for submitting bids will be February 28th, 2022. Currently, the Executive requests that interested member and observer groups/organizations submit a letter expressing the intention to submit a bid to the FOHNEU Secretary.

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