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Bucharest 2009

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Bucharest, Romania 2009


The 29th FOHNEU Board Meeting was hosted by the Romanian National Nurses association in Bucharest, Romania on 21st – 23rd May 2009.

The meeting was attended by 14 representatives from member countries.

Observers were present from Romania representing different fields of nursing.

The FOHNEU board expressed their gratitude to our Romanian colleagues, and particular to Ecatarina Gulie, President of the National Nurses Association for being the first of the accession countries to host a FOHNEU meeting. This is very encouraging for the twinning project.

The FOHNEU board members were invited to the Romanian National Nurses conference which took place on Saturday 23 May where Julie Staun presented the aims and work of the federation.

Highlights from the National Updates


Association membership and OHN education statistics are declining but paradoxically there is greater demand for OHNs.


There is a trend towards outsourcing OH services. In view of the present economic situation the ministers are responding by promoting health and reducing poverty. OH units are feeling the strain.

The FAOHN is currently carrying out a survey on OHN salaries and client information.


The reforms concerning OH are still the main point of discussion. Legislation is expected 1 Finnish Association of Occupational Health Nurses at the end of 2009. The GIT2 will soon publish a referential document on the role of the OHN.


A new law proposes to increase OHS inspection departments nationally but doesn’t take into account the role of the OHN


Hungary has 248 OHN members in the MESzK3 and has become an official and active member of FOHNEU.

A detailed survey was carried out In February this year, on the activity, status and working conditions of the Hungarian OHNs. Statistical analysis is awaited.


The financial crisis has resulted in a halt on recruitment. OHNs are not being replaced during periods of absence such as maternity leave. There is an increase in stress related sick leave.

OH services are overstretched. The INO has issued a statement.

Pre-employment assessments are carried out less frequently which has had a financial impact on the OH Physicians.


The Dutch OHN association has undergone a reorganisation and an increase in membership.


Lack of members and financing continue to prevent members’ participation on a European level.


The UK government is focusing strategies on improving the health of the working age population, helping to prevent people from becoming sick and having to take time off

work; and, where sickness does occur, helping to ensure that people can remain in or swiftly return to work. UK organisations are developing plans for a multi-disciplinary UK

Council for Occupational Health. A new commission of experts to advise the Government on the future role of nurses and midwives has been announced by the Prime Minister. A review was launched in April 2009 to maintain and improve the health and well-being of the National Health Services workforce. The UK Government has agreed to fund the development project and its first year of operation of a National Accreditation System for Occupational Health services.


Twinning Project

Since 2 former twin countries have now joined FOHNEU, the twinning project has been

reorganized, covering the 3 candidate countries

Denmark/Slovenia. Efforts are being made to obtain a new contact.

Finland/Estonia Contact has been made but has lately been difficult. Efforts will continue.

France/Romania Following the successful relations with the Romanian NNA, France

will now be twined with Croatia.

Greece/Cyprus There are no OHNs currently active in Cyprus. The previous

contact is still receiving information through Greece.

Ireland/Hungary As Hungary now has a member on the FOHNEU board, Ireland

has been twinned with Turkey.

Netherlands/Poland Efforts are ongoing but without success.

Portugal/Lithuania The Portuguese did not attend the Board Meeting.

UK/Malta/Latvia The MUMN4 will host the next FOHNEU board meeting. Contact

has been established with the President of the Latvian National nursing Association.

Members were given details of contacts within the EFN5



Calls for bids for the 5th FOHNEU congress which will be held in 2011 will be reviewed at the next board meeting.


Next Meeting

15th – 17th October 2009, Malta

4 Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses

5 European Federation of Nurses Association

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