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Safe Maintenance 2010-2011

Safe Maintenance 2010-2011

"Safe Maintainance is a central issue in all areas of occupational health and safety management. In a recent survey, FOHNEU members confirmed that they are actively involved at all levels in assessing and monitoring the health status of the workforce and promoting change to improve working conditions. The Safe Maintenance Campaign will be integrated in our activities."
Julie Staun - FOHNEU President

 brussel 2011 2

FOHNEU Vice President Henriett Hirdi receives Partner Certificate from EU-Commissioner László Andor and EU-OSHA Director Jukka Takala at the “Safe Maintenance Conference” in Brussels on November 25, 2010.

GPA 2011

Henriett Hirdi, the Vice President of FOHNEU paticipated at the 10th European Good Practice Award Ceremony held in 
Budapest, Hungary on April 28, 2011.

summit 2011 bilbao

EU-OSHA Official Campaign Partners attended the “Healthy Workplaces Summit” in Bilbao on November 22-23, 2011. FOHNEU was represented by Gurutze Aguirre Alava.

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See below how FOHNEU members have been active in promoting the campaign in their respective countries.


Finland EU OSHA

Eeva Himanen promoted the campaign at the Finnish Occupational Health Nurses Annual meeting in November 2010.



Safe Maintenance Fr1

Susan Pierrot, FOHNEU Secretary and representive for France, hands over the Campaign pack to Anne Barrier, President of the Groupement des 
Infirmières de Santé au Travail,(GIT),at their meeting in Lyon, 26 March 2011.



EU OSHA Denmark 3

The Campaign was promoted in January at a National Conference in Copenhagen, and in April at the AGM of the Danish Society of Occupational Health Nurses.

EU OSHA Denmark 4

Julie Staun and Jytte Krukow from FOHNEU, promoting the Campaign in Copenhagen.




Eileen Sykes, FOHNEU Board member promoting the Safe Maintenance Campaign at the INMO Annual Occupational Health Nurse Conference in Kilkenny, Ireland (March 2011).



EU OSHA Spain1

FOHNEU Representative for la Federación Española de Enfermería del Trabajo (FEDEET), Gurutze Aguirre Alav promoting the Safe Maintenance message at the 1st National Conference of FEDEET in Barcelona 7-8 April 2011.



Heni 2011

Henriett Hirdi, FOHNEU Board member promoting the Safe Maintenance Campaign at the Council of Hungarian Health Professional CHN Section's Annual Occupational Health Nurse Training Day in Budapest, Hungary (June 2011).

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