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Occupational Health Nurse Education

In Spain there exists the speciality of occupational health nurse, by the Royal Decree (RD 450/2005) approved on the 22 April 2005 and published on the 6-May-05 in the Official State Bulletin (BOE).

The nurses who have the “Diploma de Enfermera de Empresa” or the “Diploma de Enfermera del Trabajo” can standardize the old title for the new title of speciality, until May-06, in the Ministry of Training and Science.

At present it is constitute the “National Commission of the Speciality Occupational Health Nurses” they are to propose the Programme of Training for the speciality to the Ministry of Training and Science and Ministry of Health and Consumption.

We wait for 2006-2007 to see how the speciality course develops.

The duration of the speciality course is two academic years

It is available in all Autonomous Regions  (19 regions of Spain)

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